6 Things My Guide Dog Wants You to Know 

Picture of Weston sitting in harness. Hey everyone! It’s Weston here, Serina’s guide dog and I am taking over Blindy Blog today! For my very first post I’d like to let you know just a few things that you may not know about me. Enjoy reading!


1. I love my job!


Some people think I have it so hard working all day. Well, let me tell you, I love my job! How many dogs get to be with their favorite person on earth all day long? And I get treats all day too! Sounds like a great deal to me.


2. I  have  just a little ADHD…sometimes.



Honesty time, I have some weaknesses. Remember I am still a very loving and sometimes curious yellow labrador retriever. I love kiddos and of course other dogs and sometimes my eagerness to make new friends can get me in trouble. I can also get really distracted if you say my name or give me any attention at all. After all, I love making friends and I just can’t resist every time.
So, if you see me out working with my most favorite person on earth, please remember that it is best to ignore me so that I can concentrate on helping my favorite buddy. Yeah I know, I’m adorable and irresistible, but I really want to make sure that I can do my job well.


3. I love food, but only from my favorite person.


I am a labrador as I said earlier, and well, it’s true what they say…I’ve never met a piece of food I didn’t like. This can also get me into trouble sometimes. There are so many yummy smells and sometimes people even offer me food! What’s a dog to do? How could I ever say no to a treat right?
Help out a doggie and be sure not to offer me any food unless my favorite buddy says it’s okay.


4.  I  am a big flirt


If you’ve  ever been lucky enough to meet me, you know I am a handsome fellow. I have beautiful brown eyes and a super cute pink nose and I know it! I will sometimes give you the most “Come pet me” look you’ll ever see and I’ll even wink at you!
My favorite buddy knows all about my flirtatious nature and sometimes, with permission, she lets me get pet and even play tug of war with her friends! Unfortunately, every once in a while, someone tries to pet me while I am working and this can really get me and my favorite buddy in trouble. I can get super distracted and I may even stop paying attention to my work. Believe me, I would love nothing more than to get pet by you, but I want even more to keep my team safe. So, if you would like to pet me, feel free to ask my buddy and please understand why she may not be able to let you pet me at that time.


5. I’m super smart, but not that smart.


Did you know that I have almost 2 years of training behind me? I learned how to do all kinds of cool things for my favorite buddy like how to stop at stairs, curbs and doors. I can find empty chairs, elevators, bus stops and benches. The one thing I can’t do, although everyone thinks I can, is read traffic signals. Contrary to popular belief, I do not know when it is safe to cross the street. My favorite buddy is actually the one that tells me when to go. If I see something that is dangerous I will be sure to stop her from crossing the street, but she’s really the leader of this team when we are at a street corner.




. I know how to have fun…after work.
When I get done working I get to have so much fun! I get to take off my harness and play just like the other dogs. I am a little different when i’m not working…some say I am full of energy. Oh yeah and I love playing with toys especially when I can play tug of war!


Well, I think my favorite person is about to come looking for her computer soon so I’d better sign off for now. Thanks for checking out Blindy Blog and maybe you’ll see more posts from me another day.




One Reply to “6 Things My Guide Dog Wants You to Know ”

  1. Hello Serina. Good writing. I have a guide dog as well and his name is Beckham. Beckham is 10 and still full of life. He is my third guide and I am thankful for Guide Dogs for all they have done for me and my dogs. I will enjoy reading more of your bloggs. I am looking to create one myself and this is how I come to your page. I am starting to learn about audio engineering and thought others might be interested in the journey as well. Love to here how things are going with your new guide. I find each of them are unique and all of them are special.


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