Technology Quick Tip: Revisiting the Be Specular App for Photo Descriptions

Today while browsing one of my favorite boutique websites I came across an item that I wanted a brief description of. Oftentimes I will ask a friend or family member to describe this or in some cases use Aira services, however my first try is usually an oldie but goodie app called Be Specular. If …

Technology Quick Tip: How to Add Emoji to Any Text Field Using Windows 10 and JAWS Screen Reader

Picture of the Smiling Face Emoji

While browsing articles discussing the latest updates to Windows 10, I discovered a Windows shortcut key to insert emoji that I am sure existed for quite some time, but I never knew was actually accessible before today. While running Windows 10 and JAWS 2019, it is now possible to insert emoji into any text field …

Seeing Through Hearing: An Open Letter to HULU

I would like for you to take a moment to try to enjoy your favorite program with a blindfold on. Are you able to understand which characters are speaking? Are you able to understand exactly what is going on in the scene? Are you left wondering what Mindy texted to Danny in a scene in The Mindy Project? This confusion and unanswered questions are the same feelings that an individual with a visual impairment experiences without the opportunity to access quality audio description.

Technology Quick Tip: How to Use the Amazon App to Identify Objects

Want a super quick way to identify an object with surprising accuracy?  Take out your iPhone and open the Amazon app.   Find the “Scan It” button near the top right  of the application.  Once selected, a camera window will pop up.  Just point your phone at the object and once recognized your phone will …

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