Technology Quick Tip: How to Add Emoji to Any Text Field Using Windows 10 and JAWS Screen Reader

While browsing articles discussing the latest updates to Windows 10, I discovered a Windows shortcut key to insert emoji that I am sure existed for quite some time, but I never knew was actually accessible before today.

While running Windows 10 and JAWS 2019, it is now possible to insert emoji into any text field or document by performing the following steps.

  1. Place your cursor where you desire to insert an emoji.
  2. Hit the “Windows” key and the “Period” key or the “Windows” key and the “semicolon” button at the same time; a dialog called Emoji Panel will appear.
  3. You can explore the dialog box using your arrow keys or begin typing the name of the emoji you desire to insert; once you find the emoji you want to select hit enter.
  4. You can also hit the “Tab” key to select the category of emoji you desire to browse.
  5. When done entering emoji press the Escape key.

It is important to note that this will only work if you have JAWS 2019 or above as support for reading emoji was not in previous versions. I have also not tested this with any additional screen readers.

If you have any additional tips, be sure to drop a comment below.

7 Replies to “Technology Quick Tip: How to Add Emoji to Any Text Field Using Windows 10 and JAWS Screen Reader”

  1. Thank you for this technology tip. I have been using Windows 10 and JAWS for several years and was not aware of the accessible method for adding emojis into text fields/files. The steps you provide function similarly and accessibly in both JAWS and the free screen reader Non Visual Desktop Access. 😊

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