Shopping While Blind: A Peak Into My Favorite Boutique

Recently I have been completely revamping my style and wardrobe which has caused me to shop at many boutiques and online retailers. As you may know, shopping online for clothing with a vision impairment can be a bit frustrating to say the least. Some retailers do not offer any useful product descriptions or if the product description is on point then they assign some random color name like Vibrant or Disco Night.

Many retailers are corporately owned so it can be difficult to speak with a real human who can take the time efficiently to describe the items that you have questions about, and they may or may not have personal experience with the product. Other boutique owners that I have attempted to speak with to get descriptions simply either do not respond or continue to post pictures without descriptions.

Luckily I discovered Sparkles and Lace Boutique, a small locally owned gem right here in my very own back yard right next to Pikes Peak! Sparkles and Lace Boutique is owned by two of the sweetest gals I have ever done business with. Stephanie and Lisa make me feel like family and always are incredibly accommodating when I have special requests like getting additional clarification on an item’s fit, material and style and they have even made special deliveries to me when I cannot get to their store!

The best way to shop with Sparkles and Lace is hands down their VIP Facebook group. Stephanie and Lisa post exclusive deals and new releases straight to the group so you have access to purchase items before they even go on the website! Additionally, they often have live videos to show and describe cute pieces that you can purchase right from the group with just a comment! Oh, and did I mention that they also offer free shipping on most items?

They have adorable and affordable pieces including the absolute most comfortable jeggings you’ll ever put on and versatile lace trimmed camis. They even have a Love My Hero collection of the cutest shirts that feature designs for the hero in your life from the military branches and first responders!

I am not ashamed to say that I have spent a small fortune at Sparkles and Lace and every piece I wear from them gets compliments all day long.

If you would like to give them a try, join their VIP Facebook group or shop them online and from now until Friday, June 14, 2019 you can score 10% off with the promo code SERINA10.

Happy shopping!!!!

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