Technology Quick Tip: Revisiting the Be Specular App for Photo Descriptions

Today while browsing one of my favorite boutique websites I came across an item that I wanted a brief description of. Oftentimes I will ask a friend or family member to describe this or in some cases use Aira services, however my first try is usually an oldie but goodie app called Be Specular.

If you have not heard of Be Specular it is an iOS and Android app that allows for you to submit a picture to a staff of volunteers and ask a specific question including getting descriptions of the picture or asking if something is a particular color. I have also used this app to verify if a picture I took is in focus, centered and free of embarrassing facial expressions.

The app is super easy to use with a simple interface that allows for you to either upload a picture from your photo library or take a picture within the app. Once you select your picture you can either record your question or type out what you would like to know about the picture.

The next step is to submit the picture, which admittedly takes a little longer than I would expect, however once the picture is uploaded you can expect to receive replies within as little as a minute. Also, there’s no need to keep the app open, if you enable the push notifications you’ll know when a volunteer submits a reply. Once you receive a satisfactory response you can choose to stop receiving replies and you can rate the quality of each reply, which honestly may vary depending on the volunteer.

Are you a fan of the Be Specular app? Will you be trying it out for your next photo description needs? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

2 Replies to “Technology Quick Tip: Revisiting the Be Specular App for Photo Descriptions”

  1. I’ve had this app on my phone for quite awhile. However, I’ve never tried it. Not sure why, maybe I’ll try it.I’ll do better in my next life. This one’s the beta version.



    1. Lol that’s so funny. Love it! Definitely give it a try the next time you find yourself wondering what the heck is this?

      Serina Sent from my iPhone



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