I’m Going to Give You New Eyeballs: A Child’s Wish for his Blind Mommy

Yesterday while eating dinner with my almost 4 year old, he suddenly asked me why I don’t have eyeglasses.  I responded to my son the way I usually do about my vision impairment and informed him that my eyes don’t work like  his do.  He thought about this for a second and then he continued …

Guide Dog Tip: Keeping the Fur At Bay

This article contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission for items purchased.  These commissions help keep great content coming your way.   As a fellow guide dog user (or future user), you may know that keeping your cute little pup’s fur off of your clothing and furniture is close to impossible.  I have …

Seeing Through Hearing: An Open Letter to HULU

I would like for you to take a moment to try to enjoy your favorite program with a blindfold on. Are you able to understand which characters are speaking? Are you able to understand exactly what is going on in the scene? Are you left wondering what Mindy texted to Danny in a scene in The Mindy Project? This confusion and unanswered questions are the same feelings that an individual with a visual impairment experiences without the opportunity to access quality audio description.

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