Guide Dog Tip: Keeping the Fur At Bay

This article contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission for items purchased.  These commissions help keep great content coming your way.


As a fellow guide dog user (or future user), you may know that keeping your cute little pup’s fur off of your clothing and furniture is close to impossible.  I have found a few favorite things that can help with minimizing some of the fur and I’ve rounded them all up for you below:


True-Touch Deshedding Glove


This glove is truly unique and super easy to use.  It is made of silicone and mesh and it allows you to “pet” your dog while removing dirt and loose hair.  The hair sticks to the glove and it is super easy to remove from the glove.  Most importantly this deshedding glove is super affordable at just under $10 on Amazon.


Kong Zoom Groom


If you need to do a really quick grooming for your pup the Zoom Groom is super helpful.  It is also made of silicon and it is basically a brush with lots of very flexible teeth.  For best results with this product, I typically run the Zoom Groom in the opposite direction of Weston’s fir and then follow up with a regular brush to remove the excess fir.  This is also very affordable at just under $5 on Amazon.


The Furminator


If you have ever taken your guide dog to the groomer you’ve likely been offered or taken advantage of a furminator treatment.  If you are unfamiliar a furminator treatment helps to remove the undercoat of your pup which is typically where most of the shedding comes from.  The furminator deshedding tool is basically a very fine tooth comb that you can use to perform this treatment in your own home.  This tool does take some time to really remove all of the undercoat and your yard will look like it snowed puppy hair, however, it is harmless to your dog and Weston does seem to really enjoy this tool.  This tool is a little bit more pricey at about $25 on Amazon, however, this one can really save you some money in the long run on professional grooming costs.


Lint Rollers


I know what you’re thinking…of course I have lint rollers.  Well, I use them just a little bit differently with my guide dog.  After using the True-Touch Deshedding Glove or the Zoom Groom, there are always stray hairs that are floating on top of his fur.  To help get even more hair off of his top coat I run the lint roller over him a few times.  Works like a charm and just a little bit less fur gets on my clothes.  Also, as a bonus use these work great for getting the fur off of furniture and seats/floors in vehicles.


Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum


Even though I do not allow my guide dog on furniture, his fur inevitably ends up on my couches and chairs.  I have found that using a more portable but powerful vacuum proves to be most efficient for me since I hate dragging out my full size vacuum and getting all of the necessary attachments out.  This one is super powerful, easy to use and has a rolling brush that gets at all of the pup fur.


Do you have any favorite grooming and cleaning tools that you love to keep that fur at bay?  I’d love to hear what you use in the comments below.

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