I’m Going to Give You New Eyeballs: A Child’s Wish for his Blind Mommy

Yesterday while eating dinner with my almost 4 year old, he suddenly asked me why I don’t have eyeglasses.  I responded to my son the way I usually do about my vision impairment and informed him that my eyes don’t work like  his do.  He thought about this for a second and then he continued on to insist that I definitely need eyeglasses so that my eyes will work.   My  husband reminded him that mommy’s eyes can’t be fixed by eyeglasses.   He again pondered this and then in ,  all  of his innocence he very confidently informed me that he will make me new eyeballs so that I can see.


This both melted my heart and brought me nearly to tears.  I admire many things in my curious, compassionate and intelligent son and yesterday, he gave me one more thing to admire about him.  He sees that his mother doesn’t see things the same way that he does and he immediately wants to make things better.  


I know that my little boy will go on to  do something really amazing.  Maybe he will be able to give me new eyeballs…maybe he will go on to care for and help others…maybe he’ll be a firefighter, astronaut or superhero.  No  matter what I will continue to cherish this little one’s unconditional love and he will always know that he is loved and supported by his mommy.

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